JLINC offers people greater autonomy and companies more valuable data.

JLINC provides backend services and user-facing tools to help you manage your customer’s data in a GDPR compliant manner, while also helping to improve customer relationships in ways that ultimately drive sales. 

We offer a suite of interoperable services to help organizations both comply with GDPR, and improve customer acquisition, maintenance and retention. These include a Salesforce app, user dashboard on web, mobile and desktop, as well as cloud-based data provenance services.

JLINC is the ONLY extensible solution for all 6 of the GDPR requirements for Personal Data Control:

  1. Transparent Consent
  2. Data Use Notification
  3. Data Rectification
  4. Data Portability
  5. Right to Erasure
  6. User control over 3rd Party Data Sharing

Enterprise CRM

The JLINC Salesforce app provides a GDRP compliant extension to existing CRM implementation. It will provide a documented audit trail showing signed user agreement for each data transaction. The “plugin” can also be pre-configured with a list of standard 3rd party agreements under which data can be accepted and processed. A more advanced implementation on Heroku will operate as a software agent for the organization to interact with data rights holders (or their software agents) to automatically negotiate and complete ISAs and properly record them. JLINC Labs currently offers a beta app and plans plugins for other popular CRMs (e.g  Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP, SugarCRM, and Oracle Sales Cloud CRM).

User Dashboard

The JLINC Dashboard App provides an easy to use interface for end users to pre-select from among standard terms, set preferences and manage data sharing. The Dashboard App then acts as a software agent for the user to automatically negotiate, sign and record ISAs on behalf of the user.

JLINC Data 300


Dashboard Apps will be offered for the Mac, Windows and Linux desktops, with mobile apps on the iOS and Android operating systems. An introductory version of the Dashboard runs in all standard web browsers.

Audit Services

The JLINC protocol provides a way to exchange data under signed automated agreements, where both parties hold a copy of the mutually signed agreement. There are commonly two participants in any JLINC enabled data transaction:

  • The Data Rights Holder—the entity that created or possesses author’s rights to the data included in the transaction. Data Rights Holders needs the ability to see the chain of custody of the data (i.e. “where has my data gone?”).
  • The Data Custodian—an entity that receives data after having entered into an agreement (an ISA) as to the confidentiality and usage of that data. Data Custodians need to be able to view the provenance of the data they receive (i.e. “where did this data come from?”).

Each holds a copy of the agreement on their respective JLINC Service, which sends a signed, timestamped, hash of each transaction to all Audit Services specified. The audit trail can be recorded on any log, ledger or blockchain at any combination of Audit Services specified by either party.


Proof of Concept and GDPR Sandbox Propositions

JLINC Labs offers organizations with customers in the EU, a simple, easy to adopt solution to the new GDPR data privacy, consent and portability regulations using our Salesforce app and other CRM integrations.

GDPR & Privacy by Design

White paper by John Wunderlich

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