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JLINC gives the end customer or prospect the ability to look into the CRM system at the data held on them and being processed on their behalf.

Simple Usage Steps

  1.  Send a request to get an email to set up a FREE account. This allows you to test the service in your Salesforce sandbox.
  2.  When you receive that email, click the setup link, follow the on-boarding process.
  3.  This is similar to your users on-boarding experience. You create your recovery passphrase ID and go to the set up page on your admin portal.
  4.  Enter the information about your organization required by GDPR and upload a logo.
  5.  Then you can customize each of the consent purposes you need. This configures your page on the user portal.
  6.  The portal provides an invitation for your users that you can edit or replace. This email it generates contains a magic link that takes each of your contacts to their own set up page on the user portal.
  7. Your contacts from Salesforce each receive a link that takes them to your page on their portal, pre-populated with the data they have on your CRM.
  8. Your contacts each set their own permission preferences for consent requests. Those who are already on JLINC from another organization can add you to their list of organisations with one click. This allows each user to conveniently control their own data sharing under GDPR without enduring, or simply opting out of, multiple long annoying consent requests.

Audit Proof

Using the automated JLINC system, each of your contacts cryptographically signed permission for your use of their data. A copy of that agreement with both of your signatures was recorded on an audit trail. When you go to the verification page on your portal you can display a record of that signed chain of custody to present to regulators, or even in court to dispel any frivolous lawsuit. JLINC provides the gold standard in cryptographically signed and independently auditable “data provenance”, proof of your compliance with even the most difficult aspects of GDPR.





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