JLINC provides signed agreements about how digital content can be shared on the internet.

This establishes data provenance; a chain of custody for data.

Human and machine-readable Information Sharing Agreements, written in the universal web language JSON, are called “link contracts”.

Link-contracts are digitally signed using standard public-key cryptography.

Public-keys are registered on a permissioned blockchain, which allows the system to be completely decentralized and hosted on any site without the need for a central repository or authority.

The Stellar Consensus Protocol is much faster and does not require the proof-of-work, or "mining" used by the Bitcoin blockchain.++

ID Keys is an open identity credential protocol held by the non-profit Planetwork and running on the non-profit Stellar Consensus Protocol.

Information Sharing Agreements written as “link contract” in JSON-LD are both human and machine-readable, so that once a participant sets their preferences, most of the activity is automated in the background.

Each data transaction is signed by all parties, time/date stamped, and recorded on the Stellar global ledger, which forms the basis for reputation within a community context. 

The “link contract” can be held at any URL. This allows trusted organizations to negotiate and host standard terms agreements that many individuals and organizations can all use.

A compact “fingerprint” of data content, called a “hash” is included along with the signatures and timestamp, all recorded on the Stellar ledger. The Stellar network is technically a Federated Byzantine Agreement, a permissioned blockchain held by a non-profit. 

A new completely decentralized file system, called IPFS, uses hashes as universal addresses for all data content. By using IPFS to address “link-contracts”, and eventually actual data content as well, a fully distributed internet content system with signed usage permission control is possible.

++ The electricity required for Bitcoin blockchain mining has been estimated to be equal to the entire country of Ireland, and much of that comes from coal-fired power plants in China, making it literally a coal-fired blockchain.

No Mining!


JLINC offers a new way to control the terms
for how our data is used — after we share it.


Public keys are registered on the Stellar ledger,
without coal-fired Bitcoin blockchain mining.

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