JLINC offers the 1st truly interoperable and fully extensible enterprise platform for personal data rights management.


Information Sharing Agreements
(ISAs) are written in JSON.

Information Sharing Agreements in the universal web language JSON, are called “link contracts”.

ISAs are digitally signed using standard public-key cryptography.


Public-keys are registered in a decentralized system.

The JLINC protocol brings a new paradigm for personal data management.


Information Sharing Agreements are both human and machine-readable.


Each data transaction is signed by all parties and each party holds a copy.


Once a participant sets their preferences, most of the activity is automated.


Trusted organizations can host standard ISA terms used by many individuals
and companies.


A compact fingerprint of data content, called a “hash” is  signed, timestamped and sent to the Audit Service.


A hash of each transaction is stored on Audit Services using any log, ledger
or blockchain.

User created and maintained data is both permissioned and portable, establishing data-provenance and building mutually trusted relationships.

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