JLINC lets people control how their data is used — after they share it.


JLINC allows people and organizations to make agreements about how personal information, intent and digital content can be shared on the internet.

This makes many things possible, including:

  • European GDPR compliance
  • Personal Information Management Services
  • Customer directed “intent-casting” as an alternative to conventional advertising
  • Digital content sharing, licensing and publishing with reputation and micro-payment
  • A decentralized network of social networks
  • Citizen life event management services
  • HIPAA medical data custody
  • FinTech data exchange

JLINC Labs offers organizations with customers in the EU, a simple, easy to adopt solution to the new GDPR data privacy, consent and portability regulations using our Salesforce app and other CRM integrations.

This also removes a major obstacle for VRM service providers, eliminating risk for enterprise customers that previously had to choose a single vendor, but can now use any JLINC-enabled VRM provider.


This will in turn allow people to control their own data and to establish a more symmetrical relationship with organizations –– one where individuals can actually choose whether, or NOT, to AGREE, and on what terms, and to select terms from among standard options offered by trusted parties.

JLINC Labs provides a backend service that helps organizations implement JLINC. The new protocol is built on open standards and will be supported as an open standard.


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