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Basic Mail offers GDPR fail-safe emailing with 3rd party services

JLINC Contacts is a Salesforce AppExchange plug-in

to make your CRM GDPR compliant.

Salesforce Pilot for more robust Salesforce integrations.

Enterprise Pilot for integrations outside of Salesforce.

Salesforce Solution:

Enterprise Solutions:

For Smaller Organisations:

For Individuals:

JLINC Personal Data Service provides the same FREE interface on multiple platforms that work with all JLINC solutions, for all organizations, at all scales.

Salesforce JLINC Contacts



JLINC Builds Data Quality and Trust

The JLINC Contacts app allows customers and prospects to update and manage their personal information directly in Salesforce, enabling compliance with GDPR requirements for transparency and control of personal data.

  • Improves data quality by making personal data visible and editable by the customer
  • Provides the access, transparency and control required for GDPR compliance
  • Helps builds trust through improved customer experience


JLINC gives the end user the ability to look into the CRM system and see the data held on them and being processed on their behalf.

 The customer can:

  • Update/ edit records where appropriate, e.g. phone number, email address
  • Manage consents and preferences
  • See, but not edit, fields that are rightly controlled by their supplier (e.g. tariff, basis for data processing)

Each data transaction is completed under an Information Sharing Agreement visible to both parties.

Each data exchange event generates a signed data transaction record, with a receipt and audit trail visible to both parties.

JLINC can be accessed via a white label portal, or integrated into an existing client portal by API, or soon using the JLINC ‘control your data’ mobile app.

JLINC will implement the upcoming Salesforce Individual Object to enable solutions to additional GDPR requirements, e.g. Data Portability, Erasure, Do Not Track.

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Salesforce Pilot Solutions

A Salesforce pilot enables the client to engage with JLINC capabilities in their own sandbox environment. The standard 8 week engagement with pre-defined scope, phasing and deliverables costs $50k and concludes with an impact study and costed business case for wider deployment of JLINC within the organisation.



  • Business sponsor (who will agree scope and shape outputs)
  • Salesforce CRM environment
  • Client project manager to work alongside JLINC project manager

JLINC Enterprise Solutions

JLINC's proven team of experts have helped to build systems for KPMG, EY, Dolby, Atlassian, Nestle, Mozilla and many others. We will work with you to custom fit our capabilities into your existing technology environment and process flows, while providing the know how to minimize any disruption to your customers and internal resources.





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