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SAN FRANCISCO— JLINC Labs is launching a new Internet protocol for universal APIs for permissioned data with its white paper, “Information Sharing Agreements: A New Marketing Capability,” now available on the company’s website here.


JLINC is an open technology platform with associated tools that help organizations and individuals manage their shared data in an easier, more transparent process through Information Sharing Agreements (ISAs).


“JLINC’s mission is to help enterprises and their customers build data quality and trust,” JLINC Labs founder Jim Fournier explained.

Fournier, who also held founders’ shares in the LinkedIn IPO, developed the JLINC protocol for personal data, and sees application across multiple industries, including supply-chain, IoT, Fintech, banking and business contracts.


“JLINC is not just another place that stores customer information. It stores and manages information about information,” clarified John Wunderlich, Chief Data Privacy Officer at JLINC. “The vendors that adopt JLINC still store customer data on their own systems. JLINC manages which pieces of data flow between each vendor and end-customer, and records every data transaction.”


JLINC provides enterprises around the world the ability to let their users set preferences to control and manage how their data can legally be used, while monitoring that usage for regulation adherence.


ISAs dynamically generate records between parties and audit ledger entries every time either party updates co-managed data, creating permissioned-data at a granular level across the Internet. Web applications and apps for consumer devices can be developed using the JLINC protocol to connect to JLINC-enabled vendors. Connectors for vendor systems will be following soon.


“JLINC provides a solution to some of the most challenging aspects of the GDPR, particularly the requirements for consent management, data portability and the right to deletion,” said Giles Watkins, Commercial Director of JLINC. “It is important for companies to be able to capture and respect user preferences with a clear audit trail. In order to make a solution viable for end-users, it should be interoperable and allow data to reside in and flow between any data store or ledger, including blockchain based systems. JLINC has been developed in accordance with Privacy-by-Design principles and to work at Internet-scale.”


JLINC is a privately-held Delaware corporation providing Internet data provenance to build data quality and trust. Learn more at




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