Personal Data Service

JLINC is a totally new paradigm for personal data.

The JLINC app lets you set your own permissions for your personal data.

You control how organizations can use your data and communicate with you.

Even after you grant permission to an organization, you can still revoke it, or change it, whenever you like.


You set your own preferences on your side, so that you can instantly share what you want, in the way you want. This allows you to accept new data sharing relationships, with new organizations, on your terms, with a single gesture. JLINC provides real-time instantaneous control over your data based on your data sharing permissions.


This is not the same thing as the consent that companies are gearing up to try to extract from citizens in the EU. With JLINC you set your own permission preferences and share them, rather than constantly being pestered to provide many different marketing consents on each company’s terms.


In the EU and UK, this will soon be required by law. The GDPR requires all entities that interact with EU citizens to provide them with control over their personal data starting on May 28th 2018. Companies that fail to comply will face fines up to 4% of global revenue.


Once this new level of personal data control is available in the EU, global companies that have already adopted JLINC will be positioned to also offer it in the US and other markets. Those that do will demonstrate their respect for you by offering European Standard Privacy.

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