Permissioned Data

How it Works

The JLINC protocol brings a new paradigm for personal data management.

People grant permission to organisations to share their data using JLINC.

Information Sharing Agreements define the terms for data exchange.

Users can share data with a JLINC-enabled organisation in one click.



Each individual sets their own automated data-sharing permission preferences.

Each organization sets their own automated data-sharing consent requests.

A signed record of the exchange is held by JLINC services for both parties.

A signed receipt is also sent to the audit services specified either party.

JLINC offers permissioned data exchange over the Internet

providing automated control over how data may be used, after it is shared.

For intent marketing, better quality data at reduced maintenance cost, and global regulatory compliance.

JLINC is the elegant solution.

Technical Overview

Human and machine-readable

 JLINC contracts are written in JSON.

Information Sharing Agreements

(ISAs) are personal data contracts

ISAs are digitally signed using

standard public-key cryptography.

Data exchange permissions are

established by signed transactions.

JLINC services for each party keep a

signed copy of every data transaction .

A signed hash is also recorded on a

database, log, ledger or blockchain.

User created and maintained data is both permissioned and portable,

building mutually trusted relationships by establishing data-provenance.





How it Works



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