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Know what your customers want when they want it. Build trusted

customer relationships through permissioned intent marketing.



Provide compliance with the most challenging requirements for

personal data control under GDPR.



Produces better quality data and reduces costs in real time.


Intent Marketing

GDPR Compliance

Data Management

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Information Sharing Agreements


Intent Marketing


Users control their own data relationships to express interest and intent, manage their own attention space and customize their experience.


Brands receive direct intent from users, respond with relevant marketing information, complete direct sales and retain loyal customers.


Publishers offer users control over the ads they see. Advertisers gain accountability.




GDPR Compliance

JLINC provides the interoperable solution for the most difficult GDPR requirements for Personal Data Control:


  1.  Transparent Consent
  2.  Data Use Notification
  3.  Data Rectification
  4.  Data Portability
  5.  Right to Erasure
  6.  User control over 3rd Party Data Sharing


Data Management

JLINC delivers better data. A Harvard study based on IBM research estimates the cost of bad data at $3.1 trillion/year in the US alone.


User created and maintained data is both permissioned and portable, building mutually trusted relationships and establishing data-provenance, providing much better quality data at vastly reduced cost.




We  provide backend services and user-facing tools to help you manage your customer’s data.


These include a Salesforce plugin, user dashboard on web, mobile and desktop, as well as cloud-based services and an audit ledger.


Information Sharing Agreements

Information Sharing Agreements (ISAs) provide standard terms for sharing personal data.

GDPR compliant data exchange can be streamlined using ISAs, which are negotiated by stakeholder representatives in a process convened by NGOs, such as Open Identity Exchange (OIX).


ISAs are human and machine readable and cryptographically signed by the parties using JLINC. Each ISA is hosted at a persistent URL, containing a hash of that ISA. The ISA exchange, signing, and data transfer are all automated using JLINC. A signed hash of the ISA is then recorded on all of the Audit Services specified by any party.




Audit Services

The JLINC protocol provides a way to exchange data under signed automated agreements, where both parties hold a copy of the mutually signed agreement on their respective JLINC cloud service. Each JLINC Service also sends a signed, timestamped, hash of every data-transaction to all Audit Services specified.


Audit validation services operate as independent reputation authorities and can use any database, log, ledger or blockchain. A signed timestamped hash is recorded on each audit service specified by any of the parties.





JLINC Labs developed the JLINC protocol to enable people and organizations to share information on equal terms through the use of Information Sharing Agreements. It is time to replace a broken “Notice and Consent” system with a “Negotiate and Agree” system that puts you (the user) in control of your side of the negotiation for access and use of your personal information. Learn More







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