JLINC traces its origin back to the 2000 Planetwork conference, which Jim co-convened in San Francisco. A network community emerged out of that seminal event discussing the potential for digital identity and online social networks — articulated in the ASN white paper in 2003. Registration for the 2004 conference ran on the first XRI/XDI based i-name demo. Identity Commons started as a fiscal project of Planetwork, and spawned the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW). Victor wrote the first i-name registration server for Identity Commons, and managed it. He co-wrote the first XRI parser and co-founded the 2idi i-name service demonstrating the early XRI/XDI protocols for distributed identity and permission-based data exchange.

Planetwork had also put funds onto a startup with an early social network patent, ultimately acquired by Linkedin, resulting in shares in the IPO. In 2012 Jim sold shares to hire Victor Grey to build a distributed social network platform. In late 2014, while advising other efforts Victor and Jim realized that there is a simple way to actually provide a distributed solution for human and machine readable link-contracts across the internet. The two founded JLINC Labs in April 2015.



Jim Fournier

CEO & Cofounder

A serial entrepreneur in tech, design, clean-tech and climate — Jim left MIT to run his first company, ran an international design and manufacturing company, developed 3D modeling tools as a Geometry Partner with SGI, and co-founded Planetwork. In 2005, he left the Bay Area tech world to found a clean-tech company in Colorado, which he sold in 2011. Jim has advocated for user-centric digital identity since the beginning, serving on the board of XDI.org and as a representative on NSTIC.

Victor round300

Victor Grey

CTO & Cofounder

An independent full-stack developer — Victor wrote one of the first social networks starting in 1997 and still operating as Living Directory with 50,000 users. Also in 1997, he wrote Web Without a Weaver to help Internet users understand the greater implications of the new technology. He has served as lead developer on a number of social network projects, and as an active contributor to the OASIS standards body XRI technical committee, while continuing research into user-centric identity and information sharing systems.

Giles Watkins

Director of Business Development

Giles has spent 27 years in finance and technology advisory, specializing in Identity, privacy, security, enterprise architecture and technology due diligence. He has held Partner positions at both EY and KPMG, building significant global practices in both. Giles also founded the boutique privacy consulting firm, Concentium in 2010, which was acquired by KPMG in 2014. He served on the Board of the Open Identity Exchange and several Identity and Security start-ups and was the Technology Chair for the UK Digital Catapult’s Personal Data and Trust Network.

Iain Color 300 rot

Iain Henderson

Marketing Director

A technical marketing professional based in the UK — Iain has focused on data-driven marketing since 1986, worked in retail, technology, public sector and financial services, consulted across many sectors in Europe, North America and Australasia, and specified and led implementation of large scale CRM, marketing automation and ecommerce projects. He cofounded the Buyer-Centric Commerce Forum, is a Board Member of Customer Commons, Co-chair of the Consent and Information Sharing Workgroup at The Kantara Initiative, and a contributor to Project VRM since its inception.


John Wunderlich

Chief Privacy Officer

An information privacy & security expert with extensive experience in information privacy and data security — John has designed, built, operated and assessed systems for operations and compliance in the private and public sectors for over 25 years; working or consulting for Fortune 500 corporations, government ministries, small companies, volunteer organizations, regulators, and health systems organizations. He is a certified CIPP/C, CIPM, CISA & 6 Sigma Black Belt; advisor to the Privacy By Design certification; serves on the advisory committee for SC27; and member of the Kantara Consent and Information Sharing  Workgroup.


Andrew Mowat

Salesforce Development Lead

A certified Salesforce developer with 12 years experience — Andrew specializes in green field implementations and solution architecture. He graduated in Computing Science with an internship at Sun Microsystems, worked in Salesforce at J.P. Morgan and Standard Life Investments, and now has 6 years consulting experience, principally in investment management, as well as with telecoms, health & fitness, manufacturing and education.

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