JLINC Labs is based in Oakland CA with a global team in the US, UK, EU and Canada.


The founders were at the center of early experiments in user-centric digital identity and distributed networks arising out of the Planetwork conference in San Francisco in 2000.


Jim saw the potential for social before 2000 and funded a key social network start up, resulting in founders shares in the Linkedin IPO.


Victor was the lead developer among the network building early distributed systems even before Planetwork published the ASN whitepaper at the 2003 conference.


In late 2015, the two realized that new technologies, JSON-LD, standard PKI, JSON web tokens and distributed ledgers, combined with insight based on experience, made it possible to finally develop a simple distributed solution for human and machine readable data-contracts on the internet. They formed Portable Data Corporation in April 2016 and began building the first implementation of JLINC.



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