JLINC Labs is an international team of privacy, identity and technology experts. They each recognized the implications of the JLINC protocol and have joined the founders to build a suite of technology solutions on it.

Jim Fournier

Victor Grey

Giles Watkins

CEO & Founder

CTO & Founder

Commercial Director

Serial entrepreneur, left MIT to run his 1st company. Social network visionary, founders shares in Linkedin IPO. Founded Planetwork in 2000. Sold cleantech BEC in 2011.


Oakland CA

Independent full-stack developer, wrote one of 1st social networks in 1997. Coded early user-centric digital  identity and distributed  protocol systems.


Oakland CA

Partner at EY and KPMG, founded Concentium, acquired by KPMG in 2014. 27 years in FinTech, identity, privacy, security and enterprise due diligence.


London UK

Iain Henderson

John Wunderlich

Andrew Mowat

Marketing Director

Data Privacy Officer

Salesforce Architect

Over three decades experience in Fortune 500 enterprise CRM and Salesforce. Pioneer in customer intent-casting and VRM companies.


Edinburgh UK

Information privacy & security expert. 25 years operations & compliance with Fortune 500, government ministries, regulators and health system organizations.


Toronto ONT

Certified Salesforce developer. Over 12 years experience working on investment management, telecoms, health & fitness, manufacturing and education.


Edinburgh UK

Jared Grippe

Sylvan Swierkosz

Sebastian Maj

Lead Developer

Front-End Developer

"Varcan" Graphic Design

Developer and teacher at Dev Bootcamp. Founder, Other.io. Web Developer since 98, Ruby since 2007, React since 2014, favorite language, JavaScript.


Oakland CA

Front end focused full stack software engineer. Dancer. Productivity nerd. Creator of psychedelic art.


Oakland CA

Created the JLINC logo, graphics, icon languages, web design, collateral and product interface.


Warsaw PL






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Oakland CA 94612

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