JLINC fundamentally changes the nature of how personal data is exchanged on the Internet.







Your data has value, to you and to the organisations you share it with...


... but the experience around sharing it is currently poor


... little transparency, too many silos, too much wasted time...


The JLINC  Service puts you in control




Data on customers and prospects is mission critical to your organisation


... but that asset currently also comes with cost and liabilities


... and the customer experience around it is typically very poor


The JLINC Solutions enables you to change that



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JLINC is a new Internet protocol that enables universal APIs for “permissioned data”.


It provides binding automated agreements about how data can be used – after it is shared.


This changes the game rules for everything from personal information to commercial data exchange.



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Information Sharing Agreements

A New Marketing Capability



Why marketers should stop thinking

in terms of consents and permissions

and start thinking of

Information Sharing Agreements


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Builds Data Quality and Trust






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